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Email Marketing and Data Managment

Email Marketing:Customized Email, Campaigns, Inboxing of Offers, Response Tracking

Data Managment:Data Cleaning - Scrubbing, Data Organization, Data Validation.

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Support/ Help Desk

Support/ Help Desk:Troubleshooting for Products and Services, Complaint, Registrations, Guiding Customers in Collecting Information.

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Payroll Processing and Credit & Timesheet Management

Payroll Processing and Timesheet Management:Running payroll, Invoicing, Timesheet Management, Executing, contracts, Employee Insurance related services.

Credit Management:Credit Authorization, Credit Verifications, Collections.

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Pre-sales, Post-sales and Order Tracking Services

Pre-sales, Post-sales & Order Fulfillment:Product enquiries, Order taking, Sales processing, Up-selling & Cross-selling, Documentations & Payment queries Post sales product support.

Order Tracking Services:Application/ Claims processing, Subscription services, Feedback collection for Products/ Services & Campaigns, Polling/ Media analysis, Effective up-selling and cross-selling.

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Billing Information

Queries about Account Balance, Payment Information, Changes in Personal Information, etc.,

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